Grants Management Expertise

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Our Grants Management Expertise

Our Grants Solution Characteristics

  • Lean, but feature-rich
  • Open architecture, open standards
  • Mobile enabled
  • Built-in Security, Business Intelligence and Collaboration
  • Flexible, Adaptable, Interoperable, Configurable
  • Compliant with Legislative changes
  • Effective at tracking complex grants
  • Highly automated (workflows, approvals, audits, reports)
  • Roles-based, Rules-driven

Our Objectives

  • Find waste and areas of inefficiency
  • Minimize risk & costs
  • Maximize areas of efficiency
  • Optimize grant operations
  • Improve IT Investment Management related to the Grants Management line of business

Our Experience

  • Conducting a Digital Transformation analysis to modernize the Department of Education’s (ED) Grants Management platform and streamline their end-to-end grants processes
  • Conducted analysis at ED to recommend an alternative for the ED to replace their current GMS (G5)
  • Led the IBM team to implement the Department of Education’s center of excellence Grants Management System called G5
  • Re-engineered major Grants Management functions and processes to gain efficiencies